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Express and Expedited Deliveries

These services are best utilized for extremely important and time-critical items that need to be delivered as soon as possible. Express and expedited deliveries fall under our RUSH/HOTSHOT service type, which is picked up and delivered within a one hour time frame, and our STAT service type, which is picked up and delivered immediately. If you have an urgent delivery matter, this point-to-point courier service will provide you with the fastest, most expedient delivery times. This timeframe is ideal for medical specimens and test results, bid documents, last-minute court filings, or any items requiring temperature maintenance.

Same-Day and On-Demand Deliveries

Are most of your deliveries sporadic, unscheduled, and last minute? The Same-Day service type is available to meet your needs. An order can be submitted online. This is best utilized for FedEx/UPS and airline retrievals, mechanical parts, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and terminal-to-terminal deliveries. If the order is expected to occur after-hours, please call us directly for scheduling.

Routine/Next Day Scheduled Deliveries

This cost-effective service is best utilized for any predetermined or routine need as it offers a scheduled pickup and delivery time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Routine and Next-Day orders are delivered within a 24 hour time period, while Same-Day orders are delivered by close of business that day. All services are build to fit our clients timelines and suitable for mail pickup, payroll delivery, interoffice mail, court delivery, medical supplies, office records, or any other repeat delivery. Our logistics team will determine the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your specific business model.


AMS provides a secure, spacious facility that can store your desired items in the short and long term. Your critical inventory will be warehoused and available 24/7 to you based on your company's specifications. At your request, our drivers will expedite these items and deliver or ship them to any desired destination. Our goal is to provide Warehousing/Strategic Stocking in order for you to reduce your transportation costs and optimize delivery paths to your customers.


The AMS team is dedicated to transportation and logistics. We will evaluate your shipping and warehousing needs and design the most cost-effective routing and logistics management program for you. This will ensure that your products are delivered to your customers on time and allow you to focus on your core business needs. Our utilization of online ordering, GPS tracking, and two-way data communication allows us to offer a broad range of solutions for every business model.


When your order requires notarization, we have drivers and staff available to provide this service on-site during the delivery process. This is ideal for subpoena service and postings, in addition to any other needs you may have. Contact us directly with specific questions.

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What we Do

AMS Couriers operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days out of the year within the state of Alaska. We are not just a courier of documents and mail; we specialize in the transportation of medical specimens and parcels, and provide logistics management and warehousing solutions for any business model. We also have STA certified drivers that have the ability to tender items to any airline for shipments outside of the state.

Our Routine services are available in Anchorage, Eagle River, the Valley, and Fairbanks. Our Same-Day and Overnight Services are utilized for anywhere in or outside of the State. All AMS Couriers wear uniforms and ID's at all times.