AMS Couriers

Premier Medical Industry Couriers

AMS Couriers stands as an essential link in the patient care chain. We offer delivery solutions to a full range of medical centers, from patients and small clinics in rural villages across Alaska, to large national laboratories throughout the U.S. We are also familiar with the growing field of accredited patient-centered medical facilities and are currently expanding into this developing sector of the medical industry.

Excellence in Patient Care

The meticulous and carefully-planned transport of various medical industry items, such as specimens, pharmaceuticals, radiology films and x-rays, blood products, medical records or supplies, and medical equipment, is essential to every medical professional. This is also important to us. We understand that the items we transport on your behalf are valuable. AMS Couriers are OSHA (including Bloodborne Pathogens 1910.1030) and HIPAA compliant. Each employee is required to pass an extensive Exposure Control Plan & Specimen Transportation Guideline Program to gain training in specimen integrity, dry ice usage, and formaldehyde handling procedures.

Delivery Options

AMS Couriers offers a wide spectrum of transportation services to assist hospitals, medical labs, radiology centers, clinics, and ultimately the patient 7 days per week, 365 days out of the year. Patient confidentiality and respect is viewed as the key to a long-lasting and successful relationship.

We have the ability to handle Routine/Scheduled deliveries, as well as your unexpected and urgent STAT and RUSH deliveries. AMS Couriers robust team of dispatchers and drivers along with our forward-looking strategic management team are dedicated to serving you and open to any challenges that are presented.


AMS Couriers Daily Deliveries:

  • Medical sample delivery to and from ANC airport for testing;
  • Blood supplies from blood banks and clinics to major hospitals;
  • Samples from doctor offices, clinics, hospitals, etc. and deliver labs for testing;
  • Patient records from medical offices and delivery to hospitals;
  • X-Rays from imaging center to hospitals and doctor offices;
  • Prescribed medications from pharmacies to patient's door;
  • Hospitals inter–departmental, inter-facilities mail, meds, light supplies, and patient confidential records;
  • Medical supplies from surgery centers to hospitals; and
  • On-demand stored medical equipment from AMS Couriers warehouse to patient caregivers and hospital supply departments.

AMS Couriers Offers:

  • Solid 50 years of experience in the Same-Day delivery industry;
  • Proven operational model in every partnership;
  • Operational efficiencies and time to concentrate on your core business; and
  • Forward looking support and strategic medical partnership with our clients.